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Since the end of the 14th season of Bigg boss, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season and the talks about the next season contestants(Visit here to see in detail) and host and things like that have started. Since we are providing you all the details regarding BB and our special focus is towards Bigg boss 15 Serial so it was also important a very important topic to discuss the rules and regulations for the Bigg boss 15 Show. Earlier we have mentioned some basic rules which you have to follow after signing the agreement but the fans wanted to know the complete rules for Bigg boss 15 All Episodes because if their favourite person is eliminated they should know that what the reason behind that was.

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So in this article, we are going to discuss the rules and guidelines which have been given by the Bigg boss 15 officials about the discussions because you have to stay in contact with each other all the time and that’s obvious that you will discuss something because you don’t have a connection with the world outside.

For this purpose they have made the rules for the discussion and if you will not obey there are certain punishments for the certain rules. So now we will start our article without any further discussion but if you want to see Bigg boss 15 Watch online will be live on this website Bigg boss 15 full episode. We will be telecasting Bigg boss 15 full episodes in HD quality here. Hopefully, you will enjoy Bigg boss 15 online here. You can also Download Bigg Boss 15 Latest Episodes from this website. For General Info about this show read this article and for Audition Details Click the link.

Rules of discussion for Biggboss15

  1. Abusive language;

                                  Yes, the first rule we are going to discuss in the Bigg boss 15 Live show is about abusive language. You cannot abuse anyone and you cannot use abusive language in your discussions. This is a very different show than other dramas and in this show, it has been seen many times that contestants were seen in an angry mood and sometimes even fighting but whatever the case is the contestants are not allowed to use abusive contestants until they are in the house.

  1. Threatening Messages;

                                       In big boss previous seasons it has been seen several times that contestants when get angry they start giving threatening messages to each other. So this has been now made a rule that no one can give threatening messages to each other in the house otherwise he or she will be punished strictly. This step is taken in a sense in Bigg boss 15 Online because once you have given threatening messages to someone in anger it can affect his or her performance in the show and that would be an injustice that’s why it’s not allowed in Bigg boss 15 drama and it is morally also a bad thing to do.

  1. Personal attacks;

                              This is a very important rule because controversies are there in the show and every contestant wants to go to the next round so while completing different tasks they have been seen in a very aggressive mood and fighting with each other and then they start doing personal attacks. This has been now made the rule for Bigg boss 15 Watch Online show that no one will do personal attacks on each other and in your discussions, personal life cannot be included. You will just put your best to go to the next round but you will take care of certain things. You will just talk about the things which are happening in the show and you are not allowed to talk about someone’s personal life because it has simply nothing to do with his or her performance in the show.

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  1. Health and Physical appearance;

                                                          It has been seen in the past in the Bigg boss that contestants were talking about each other’s physical appearance and health and trying to de moral them with irrelevant criticism so this has been the rule for Bigg boss 15 Live show that whenever you will be discussing anything someone’s appearance like fat or thin and black or white and health issue which are very sensitive should not be discussed otherwise strict actions will be taken against the contestant.

  1. Criticism;

                Criticism is one of the key points for this show because here every one is living in the same house with so many days without connection with another world they criticize each other in different matters. Criticism is allowed but only in a particular way. You can only criticize someone only about his performance or contribution to the show.

  1. Moral Policies;

                               Since Bigg Boss is the show which has the highest TRP in Indian dramas and the rules for its discussions are very important so this is one of the key rules. In the show, you have to compete for each other and for the time being you are the enemies but you have to do all the things within moral limits. You will not cross your limits whatever the situation is because controversies are in the show sometimes so this is going to be a good rule for Bigg boss 14 All Episodes.

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  1. Talks about Religion;

                                       Yes, this is a very important rule because India is a secular country and people with different religions are living in it and the contestants could also be from different religions so you are not allowed to talk about someone’s religion and Religion cannot be a part of the discussions. It doesn’t matter you are from which religion you are because it simply has nothing to do with your performance in the show.

These can also be confirmed from here and many other official platforms.

I’ll conclude the article with the words that these points are not only important to follow in Bigg boss 15 Live Streaming but also you need to practice them in your practical life. If you have anything to ask you must ask in the comments and hopefully at the end of September or in October Bigg boss 15 Watch Online will be started if you want to watch Bigg boss 15 Today Episodes then remember to visit Bigg boss 15 full episodes and you will enjoy Bigg boss 15 Latest Episodes. You can also Download Bigg Boss 15 Colors Tv Episodes from here.

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