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                       Bigg boss 14 was a pretty good season of Bigg boss like all other seasons when Rubina Dilaik was able to grab the trophy of the show. This was the first season which was extended to the duration of 5 Weeks which ended up in February. The participants really entertained everyone with their absolutely brilliant skills. The TRP was also one of the highest shows in India.

Bigg boss 15 Live is expected to be telecasted at the end of September (But still questions are there regarding its telecast date because of COVID19…let’s see what happens) Bigg boss 15 Show is expected to be a blockbuster season of the Bigg boss series.

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In this article, we are going to see that how commoners can give the audition and participate in Bigg boss 15 all episodes. We will inform you about the selection criteria and we will give you some important tips regarding the selection of the show. Now we will move on to our first part of the article is which is the eligibility criteria of Bigg boss 15 auditions?

Eligibility Criteria of Bigg boss 15 show;

                                                                    Before you check the application form you must check these few points which have been mandatory for everyone who wants to participate in the Bigg boss 15 Colors Tv Episodes. These are also necessary for the sense if you found violating any of these rules you can never be selected for the BB15. Let’s check those few points before moving further;

  • The first and the very important point is that You should be a local Indian to participate in the show since it’s an Indian drama show. Overseas Indian ( Mean Indian people who are not living at the time in India but basically they are Indians) can also participate in the BB15 show but only those who are living in SAARC countries or in the Asian region.
  • Since this show is not for kids to be a participant so you must be 18 years or older.
  • The people who are employees of the managing authority of the Bigg boss Serial cannot apply as a participant so you must not be one of them.
  • You will provide all your legal details or certificates which will prove your age, address, nationality and other basic details.
  • Once you agree with the policies of BB15 then you must provide all your social and personal data.
  • You must provide your criminal record if having. You must provide all the information to the authorities if you were ever accused or arrested for any crime.
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So these were the few mandatory things that you need to take care of before going to the application form of BB15. If you have problems with any of these points you must not apply and maybe you can perform in  Bigg boss 15 All Episodes. For applying visit here.

Hot News related to BB15;

                                              There is some news regarding the Bigg boss 15 Online show circulating in society. We will verify some of this news that is related to Bigg boss.

  1. It was being said that the house which is used for Bigg boss 15 will be converted into the jungle. But this was totally fake news. According to our research, it will be converted into a college.
  2. The 2nd news is about the star host Salman Khan who has been the host of the legendary Bigg boss show for the last 10 years. Rumours were also circulating that he will not host the show this year but as soon as the time of telecasting is coming near all these rumours are looking fake and there is no reality in it.
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Now we will have a look at the application form which you have to fill as a participant to apply and we will tell you the best and easy way to fill that which will help you to be a part of the Bigg Boss Season 15. We will also give you some very important tips for making the audition video which you have to submit at the end of the application form and is the most important thing that matters in your selection.

Bigg boss 15 Audition form;

                                              Now just follow the simple procedure which we are going to tell you and then hopefully you are near to be part of Bigg boss 15 Latest Episodes.

So the first step is to visit the official website of Voot or you can also download the official Voot app from the play store. After that simply go to the auditions portion on the website or the app. There you will find different options like BB15 auditions and Dance plus auditions so you will just click on the BB15 auditions. It will take you simply to the online application form for Bigg boss 15.

Now there is no special thing in filling the BB15 application form. They will ask about your few personal details like Name, Address, City and Nationality and a few more like this and at the end, there is an option for videos to upload. Now, this is the most important thing in that form that determines your selection or rejection. Let’s see how to make that video and upload it…..

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Audition video for Bigg boss 15 show;

                                                                    So at first, there are few requirements from the officials which I’ll tell you. That is necessary to fulfil and after that, I’ll give you some tips from my side which will help you in the selection hopefully.

  • So the first requirement from BB15 officials is about the Videos duration and its size. Biggboss15 Serial team has made it clear that its duration should not exceed 3 minutes and its maximum size is 50MB.
  • The video would be accepted only in mpg, mpg, Flv, Avi, mp4, MOV formats.
  • The next is what you have to do in the video? You will introduce yourself and tell your hobbies and you can show some attractive and eye-catching ability which is good for Bigg boss 15 Video Episodes performers.
  • You can also visit this official Indian website to confirm and for common questions about BB read this article.


At the end of the article, I want to tell you if you have any doubt or question must inform us in comments and Remember to watch Bigg boss 15 hd episodes on  Biggboss15 live telecast will be done on this site from the start to the grand finale. So you can Download  Bigg Boss 15 from this website and Bigg Boss 15 Watch Online will also give you a lot of fun here.

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