Bigg Boss and It’s Successive Journey

Bigg Boss and It’s Successive Journey

In this article, we are going to discuss the very famous Indian drama TV serial Bigg Boss. This is the highest watched drama show in India. Last year Bigg boss 14 was telecasted and now in September 2021, we are expecting Bigg Boss 15 to be telecasted on Colors Tv and Salman Khan hosting the show.

In the first part of this article, we will discuss the Bigg Boss show that what it is about? How it is played? What are the basic rules of Bigg Boss and more information about the Legendary Bigg Boss show? Then in the 2nd part, we will see the History of Bigg Boss. The historic successive journey of the Bigg boss from Bigg Boss season 1 to the Bigg Boss 15 which is going to be telecasted this year in September hopefully.

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Bigg Boss Show;

                            Bigg boss is an Indian drama show. Actually, this is a game show which is created by Endemol Shine India by the help of Colors TV Network. This is telecasted every year and in this year in 2021 its 15th season Bigg Boss 15 will be telecasted live on Colors Tv and if you want to watch it online then must visit

It has been now extended into seven different languages which are usually spoken in the sub-continent which includes (Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, and Telugu). This is the highest watched Indian drama show which is not just popular in India but is worldwide famous. The show is hosted by the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan for almost the last 11 years.

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How the winner is decided;

                                              In this paragraph, I’ll tell you few very basic thongs about Bigg boss that how it is played and then the winner is decided. So let’s see what happens in the most popular Indian reality Tv show.

First, all the contestants who are participating are gathered in a house which is named Bigg boss (after the show name). These contestants have to live here for some time and at the end of every weak few contestants are eliminated and those eliminations are done by judges and the host and it also depends upon the public reviews.

The secret microphones and Video cameras are installed in the house through which every participant is consistently being watched. At the end of the season finale, the winner is decided. Basically, it shows that what would happen if people in this era of technology are made to live in a single house without the connection of the outer world. Then you can say that the most successful person in this situation is declared as the winner and is awarded the prize.

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Now we will have a quick look at the few very basic rules of the show. (You can also participate and be a winner of the show watch this article to see about the registration method.

The Rules of Biggboss;

                                        Before the show starts the agreement is decided between the participants and the Bigg boss officials. In that agreement basic rules are mentioned which you have to follow after you signed the agreement. Let’s have a look at them

  1. The first and the very important rule is that once you have signed the agreement then you cannot leave the house unless you are eliminated by the team if you try to do so you are fined a large amount and then you can leave after you have deposited that amount.
  2. Another important rule for this show is you can’t touch the microphones or cameras which are installed in the house to monitor you.
  3. And once you have signed the agreement you are not allowed to share it publically until you are in the house.
  4. Another rule is that you are not allowed to bring any kind of Holy books inside the house with you and it doesn’t matter whatever your religion is.
  5. Yes, the most important rule is that every participant in the house who is signing the agreement will necessarily provide all the criminal’s charges he/she is ever accused of.
  6. You are not allowed to enter the affairs of the Bigg boss telecasting team. You cannot say anything related to the final editing or the cutting in the episode which is going to be telecasted.
  7. During the agreement, you are not supposed to talk to any media person regarding the show.
  8. You cannot disclose the affairs regarding money which you will be paid according to the agreement.
  9. Every participant inside the house must talk in the Hindi language. You are not allowed to speak English or any other local language inside the house.
  10. You can not damage the official’s property of the house otherwise you will be fined a large amount.
    So these were the 10 basic rules about Bigg Boss 15 and now we will see its history and the winners and the runner ups of the last 14 seasons of the Bigg boss 15 show.
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  12. For discussion rules read this article.

Winners and Runners up of Bigg boss from (BB1 to Bigg Boss 15)

  1. The first winner of Bigg boss season 1 was Rahul Roy and the runner up was Carol Gracias.
  2. The 2nd season’s winner and runner up were Ashoutok koshik and Raja Chaudry.
  3. Bigg boss 3 winner and runner ups were Vindhu Darha Sindh and Pravesh Rana.
  4. In the Bigg boss 4th season, the winner of the famous Shwita Tevari and runner up was Dalip Singh Rana.
  5. Bigg boss 5 winners and runner up include Juhi Parmar and Mahek Chahal.
  6. Bigg boss season 6 winner and runner ups were Urvashi Dholakia and Imam Siddique.
  7. In the Seventh Season, the winner was Gauher Ji and the runner up was Tanisha Mukerji.
  8. The famous actor Gautham Gulati was the winner and the runner up was Karishma Tanna was announced as runner up.
  9. Prince Naurola was the Bigg boss 9 winner and the runner up was Rishab Sinha.
  10. Bigg boss 10 winner was Manveer Gujjar and Bani G was the runner up.
  11. Bigg Boss 11 winner and runner up include Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.
  12. Bigg boss 12 winner was Deepika Kakar while Sreesanth was the runner up.
  13. In Bigg boss 13 the winner was Sidharth Shukla while Asim Riaz was the runner up.
  14. The Famous Rubina (For more news about her visit here) Won the Bigg Boss 14.


Let’s what happens in 2021 in the Bigg boss 15 Season ….

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